After several years of teaching, I have noticed that students still only read books about straight people in school. Many people incorrectly think that “the classics,” the best books to teach in school, only include straight people.

I created the Queer Male Canon Project to fix this problem. This website is for everyone, but especially students and teachers. By reading great books that include queer men, we all gain understanding and empathy.

Sadly, despite gains in LGBTQ rights, education has not changed enough. Discussions of LGBTQ issues in classes are infrequent. Queer students yearn for representation. Moreover, straight students deserve to understand the challenges that LGBTQ people face. Schools are the perfect places to talk about social justice for people of color, women, people with disabilities, and queer people.

As a gay cisgender man, I will do my best to describe “the classics” that include queer men. I recognize that I lack the perspective to select “the classics” that include transgender men. Please contact me with book suggestions about transgender men at


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