Queer Male Canon Podcast

Thank you for listening to The Queer Male Canon Podcast. This podcast may contain very mild and infrequent cursing and discussions of adult themes. It is intended for mature audiences.

Queer Male Novels of the Nineteenth Century

Queer in Arcadia

Moby Dick was a Sperm Whale!

Joseph and his “Friend” (*wink*)

Billy, Are You Queer, Boy?

Wilde-ing Out with Dorian Gray

The Greatest Story Ever Told (no, not that one)

Of Sperm Whales and Sulphur Bottoms

Queer Male Novels of the Early Twentieth Century

Come to my Window … I’ll be Homo Soon

I mean, who ever heard of a gay gymnast?

Queer Male Novels of the 1920s

Charlus in Charge

The Gay Gatsby?

Why it gotta be white?